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Senior physical therapy houston

My aim is to help you or your loved one meet all of your physical and wellness goals with the convenience of concierge mobile services that COME TO YOU. I will provide you with quality, personalized one on one therapy in your home, office, gym, pool or via telehealth.

Sameep Contractor PT, DPT

Meet Dr. Sameep Contractor


I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Fitness/Personal Trainer and a Specialist in Sports Nutrition. Those are just degrees that I have. What I am is a caring, passionate, and energetic health professional that wants to help you achieve the best and highest

level of overall health possible. I use these tools to help improve

your health and wellness so you can live the ideal life that you

want to live, to do the things that you love to do. 


I am so excited to help you reach your goals! I have been a

physical therapist for 19 years, mostly in and around the Houston area. I started out doing travel therapy so I have worked in NYC, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Baton Rouge. I have

worked in almost every setting, from outpatient to skilled rehab, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and for the past 7 years,

home health. I love playing sports and working out myself. I

cannot wait to help you transform your life so you can get back to doing the things you want. I wholeheartedly believe that life is happiest when you do what you enjoy, whatever that might be for you. If you want to be stronger, if you want to improve your

balance, if you want to be pain free or if you just want better

overall health, that’s what I specialize in. If you have had an injury,

are pre or post surgery, had a fall or “close call”, if you have had a stroke or heart attack, whether it’s pain, debility or just want to be healthier, I want to help you get back do doing what you love to

do in life!


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Sameep is simply the BEST in the business! Not only is his knowledge and experience unparalleled, he is also one of the kindest, most patient and compassionate people I’ve met! He works with my 80-year old mother who lives with me and my family and he has improved her quality of life to the point that she now has the energy to help me with my 5-year old daughter (who happens to be one of his biggest fans). I cannot say enough about Sameep - to know him is a joy and to have him work with my mother is a blessing! He’s the best in the business!!!

— S.P.

Who are my patients?

My patients are generally seniors who place importance on their health and wellness. They understand the value of one on one personalized care. I work with individuals who want to achieve their goals and participate in their own healing process. I love to motivate people who want to improve their strength and/or balance, avoid falls and decrease pain. My clients usually want to avoid surgery or have had surgery and want to recover to even better than their pre-surgery abilities. I see patients who want to remain in their current environment and not have to move. People I work with share my belief that just pills and drugs are not the way to achieve their highest level of physical health. 


Karma Rehab is an out of network cash pay, concierge mobile all in one solution for your health transformation. I help people transform their life so they can be active, healthy and happy. I am so passionate to help motivated individuals achieve the best version of themselves. It is equally important that you feel that working with me is the right fit for you. For your convenience, I come to where you are, whether it's your home, assisted living facility, gym, or wherever appropriate. Click the button below and lets schedule a free call.  

Standard of Care

High quality personalized care. I help transform your health and help you live the life you want. 
Convenience. Mobile PT. It's your schedule and your location. It's all about You!
I come to your home, gym, office or meet you where you want. You don't have to drive, find a ride, get stuck in traffic, sit in a crowded waiting area. Its all about You! 
In and around
Houston, TX.
1 on 1 care for 60 minutes with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Sports Nutrition. 
Great Unique Experience
Cash based PT/
self pay provides the highest quality of care
Physical therapy that comes to you houston
PT that comes to you houston
Education & Individualized Exercise Programming Specific for You.  


  • Is Karma Rehab Wellness suitable for elderly and geriatric individuals?
    Yes, Karma Rehab Wellness is suitable for elderly and geriatric individuals. While I specialize in providing physical therapy for the elderly and geriatric population, I also offer services for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. I believe that physical therapy is a crucial element in maintaining and improving the health and well-being of individuals of all ages, including the elderly and geriatric population. My goal is to help my clients achieve their physical potential while providing compassionate and quality care.
  • Is Karma Rehab Wellness a cash-pay/self-pay practice?
    Yes, Karma Rehab Wellness is a private, cash-pay/self-pay physical therapy provider. This allows me to prioritize my patients' unique needs and provide individualized, one-on-one care that is not constrained by a third party for frequency or duration and ability. It is about what is right and appropriate for you and your goals.
  • Does Karma Rehab take insurance/medicare?
    I am a cash based mobile practice and am not an In-Network Provider. However, you might still be eligible for reimbursement via out of network benefits. Almost all insurance companies have slowly been increasing deductibles for their patients while at the same time decreasing provider reimbursements. They are also trying to dictate what treatments are allowed for patients. Not going through insurance allows me to focus on you one on one for a full hour without restrictions. You’ll see why below. Example: let’s say your deductible is $5,000 and each session at strip mall physical therapy is $150 until the deductible is met. If they see you 3x per week for 8 weeks, that’s $3,600. Now logically this $3,600 all goes towards that $5,000 deductible right, NOPE. Many insurance companies only apply a percentage of that amount towards the deductible. How much percentage? It’s their discretion. In the end you are paying more to spend less time with the therapist (again, more on this below) and more time at the strip mall. I believe that insurance/medicare should not be dictating how you are treated or how often. I strongly believe that you deserve time and individualized care to reach your specific goals. Your health is an investment into avoiding piles of future medical bills and staying as independent and active as you can. HEALTH IS WEALTH
  • Difference between Karma Rehab and most outpatient clinics in the strip mall down the street?
    You and your goals are my sole focus for a full hour. If you went to strip mall therapy you don’t get that. Because they are in-network with your insurance, their 1 therapist needs to see at least 4 patient every hour. That means you get about 15 mins of one on one time with that busy therapist. With most outpatient clinics you are cattle churned through the revolving door. It's not their fault, that’s the only way they can keep their doors open. I get to spend more time with you each session so you will progress faster and more importantly be better quicker. It will take me less visits to get your desired results. This saves you money in the long run while giving you more time to do what you love. Also, you frequently don’t get the same therapist at strip mall PT so continuity isn’t always that good. You get me every time. After speaking with you, if outpatient is the best therapy for you, i will recommend it and help you find the best place close to you. I can be a supplement to outpatient therapy to help you achieve your goals faster, in your desired environment(home, work, gym, etc).
  • Difference between Karma Rehab and home health therapy?
    In order to receive home health therapy, Medicare requires you to be homebound. This means the you can only leave your home with assistance of another person or assistive device and to certain places only. You don’t have to be homebound for me to help you. Also, you are restricted to a certain number of visits before you will be discharged, whether you are better or not. You ability or if you have reached your goals or not does not discharge you. In 2020 Medicare changed to a PDGM system. For you that means less overall visits. Less time with the therapist, less number of visits and limited freedom. You do not need to be homebound for me to work with you. In fact, that's the point, I don't want you to be homebound. I want you to go and live your life! I believe home health therapy is very important and if you are appropriate for that type of therapy i want you to continue to get it as long as you can. I will recommend home health companies to you. I can be a supplement to that so you can reach and surpass your goals faster.
  • What do you need to do so you can be your healthiest self?
    If it is physical therapy you need then we will require doctors orders. The state of Texas at this time is still a partially direct access state so you will need MD orders but ONLY for physical therapy services, not for wellness/fitness services or nutrition. I can evaluate and treat you a few visits without MD orders but it will be required shortly after Initial Evaluation. I can help you with that also. If you have out of network benefits, I will give you the required document you will need to submit to your insurance. The amount your insurance company might reimburse you depends on the plan you have. For wellness/fitness services you do not need MD orders. I will help you figure out whats right for you at the Initial Evaluation. You can also use your HSA account to pay for these services.
  • Can I submit Medicare claims?
    Simple easy answer is NO. Karma Rehab is NOT affiliated with Medicare. I can only treat you if you will NOT be submitting claims to Medicare. This decision MUST come from you and be made by the patient’s own free will. So you need to tell me that you are not wanting to submit claims for reimbursement to medicare. This is for physical therapy only and does not apply to wellness/fitness and nutrition visits.
  • What are the advantages to healthare coming to you?
    There are many. First and most important is that you get to spend more 1 on 1 time with your experienced medical professional. Next, it about your schedule and you choose the location. Also, privacy. You don’t have to sit in waiting rooms. You already have plenty to do, don’t need to add driving and getting stuck in traffic to the list. There are no distractions, I focus on getting you better via a personalized specific program, custom made for you. I come to your home, office, gym, etc. I’ve met clients at pools, parks and courts for treatment. Convenience. I fit into your schedule. Priority. I put you first. Last and certainly not least, the quality of care you will receive is second to none.
  • Why do I believe everyone must do some form of resistance training?
    Exercise isn’t just medicine, it’s the best medicine. This is true for prevention and for recovery. In my opinion, every single person needs some form of daily exercise. The selection of which exercises, quantity, progression, and modifications is specific for each person. And that also changes as one progresses and improves their health. That's why I am here. Resistance training doesn’t mean lifting big heavy weights. Resistance training is beneficial not only for your muscles but also to your bones, joints, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and mood. As an added bonus, it also burns extra calories.
  • Speaking of calories, let's talk about nutrition. Why do I believe everyone must improve their eating habits, some more than others?"
    A diet is temporary, nutrition is a habit. The only way your body can work optimally is if it is given the proper nutrients to work. Too little of one nutrient or too much of another and the efficiency decreases. How many calories to eat? What foods to eat to best fuel you and keep you healthy? I can help you with your nutritional needs also. I can help you make healthier choices of what foods you choose to eat.
  • Why choose Karma Rehab?
    -YOU want personalized, quality, effective 1 on 1 care to come to you. -YOU prioritize your healthy. -YOU want to be in the best shape you have been in years. -YOU want someone to help motivate you to exercise. -YOU need somone to help monitor your form and choose the right exercises. -YOU want to return to what you enjoy (sports, traveling, playing with grandkids, etc). -YOU or your loved one recently had a fall or “close call.” -YOU have just had surgery and you want the best rehab training you can get. -YOU might be getting surgery. I can prepare you pre-surgery so that post-surgery your tissue heals better and aids in faster recovery. The stronger you are pre-surgery the better the outcome post-surgery. -YOU want to avoid surgery or other procedures. -YOU want to get rid of your pain. -YOU want to remain in your home and avoid moving to an assisted living facility. -YOU want to stay out of the hospital. -YOU were discharged from outpatient or home health or rehab facility and you want to keep getting better. YOU might have been told that you have “reached your maximum potential or have plateaued.” -YOU are having difficulty with your mobility or are weaker than you have been. -YOU are concerned about your loved one moving independently and safely. -Your doctor prescribed YOU to do exercise but you are unsure how to start. -YOU want to get back to an active healthy lifestyle. -YOU are retired and want to do all the fun things you use to do. -YOU need someone to set up the correct exercise program so that you can remain healthy, active and pain free. -YOU have run out of benefits. -YOU have nobody to drive you to your appointments or you prefer not to drive. -YOU get me 24/7, via email, text or phone call. -there are many more reasons. Email or call me so we can talk about YOUR GOALS and how I can help YOU transform YOUR LIFE and achieve YOUR BETTER TOMORROW.


Initial Evaluation

After the Discovery Visit phone call the next step is an Initial Evaluation Visit. What happens on the Initial Visit?

The first visit is a comprehensive assessment of your overall health. Typically it lasts between 60-90 minutes.


It includes:

-History Audit

-BP, respiratory rate, O2 monitoring

-Range of Motion Analysis

-Strength Breakdown of each group of muscles

-Postural Alignment Check

-Multiple Balance Tests

-General Sensory Test

-Walking Evaluation

-Home Safety Assessment

-Recommended Course of Action


Some Conditions I Treat

Balance Issues


Near Falls or "Close Calls"

Fall Prevention

Knee Replacement

Hip Replacement

Shoulder Replacement

Cervical Pain

Upper Back Pain

Mid Back Pain

Low Back Pain

General Pain


Piriformis Syndrome

Plantar Fascitis 

Pre and Post Surgery

Rotator Cuff Repairs

Meniscus Injuries

Ligament Injuries



Sport Specific Training

Post Stroke/CVA


Fitness Program

 Wellness Training

Home Safety Assessments

Difficulty Walking

Debility or Weakness

Many Others

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I want you to do something right now

1.     Take 2 deep breaths

2.     Envision yourself doing all the things YOU love to do, whatever that might be for you. 

3.     Think about how you want your health to be, how you want to live.

4.     Close your eyes and imagine the best version of yourself.

cash pay pt houston
mobile pt that comes to you


While avoiding public places like hospitals and clinics is paramount to preventing the spread of COVID-19, it remains critically important that people continue to receive care.


Safe Practitioner 

  • I take my temperature every morning before leaving. 

  • I wear gloves, masks and always wash hands and sanitize my equipment. 

Safe Patients

  • No crowded clinics

  • Cannot do social distancing easily in clinics

  • Don’t leave your environment so less chance of exposure

  • I give you some of your own equipment that you keep and use for your home exercise program

  • I screen all my patients at the beginning of every session or phone call by asking if you have been exposed to someone or are experiencing any symptoms. 

We must be extra safe at this time so we can all get better faster. 


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