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My aim is to help you or your loved one meet all of your physical and wellness goals with the convenience of concierge mobile services that COME TO YOU. I will provide you with quality, personalized one on one therapy in your home, office, gym, pool or via telehealth.


Meet Dr. Sameep Contractor


I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Fitness/Personal Trainer and a Specialist in Sports Nutrition. Those are just degrees that I have. What I am is a caring, passionate, and energetic health professional that wants to help you achieve the best and highest

level of overall health possible. I use these tools to help improve

your health and wellness so you can live the ideal life that you

want to live, to do the things that you love to do. 


I am so excited to help you reach your goals! I have been a

physical therapist for 17 years, mostly in and around the Houston area. I started out doing travel therapy so I have worked in NYC, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Baton Rouge. I have

worked in almost every setting, from outpatient to skilled rehab, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and for the past 7 years,

home health. I love playing sports and working out myself. I

cannot wait to help you transform your life so you can get back to doing the things you want. I wholeheartedly believe that life is happiest when you do what you enjoy, whatever that might be for you. If you want to be stronger, if you want to improve your

balance, if you want to be pain free or if you just want better

overall health, that’s what I specialize in. If you have had an injury,

are pre or post surgery, had a fall or “close call”, if you have had a stroke or heart attack, whether it’s pain, debility or just want to be healthier, I want to help you get back do doing what you love to

do in life!


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Dr. Contractor initially came to see my dad who had become weaker, was having a hard time walking and moving around the house. I could see my dad getting frustrated day by day. He was reluctant initially to do any exercise. After a couple of visits he noticed himself improving and after two weeks he couldn’t wait for Dr. Contractor to come again. His whole attitude changed and he looked forward to exercising. After a few weeks, Dr. Contractor started seeing both my parents. They plan their schedule around Dr. Contractor‘s visits. They both go for daily walks in the evening now. I love it! Thanks Dr. Contractor for your great attitude and helping both my parents.

— B.C. (former client)

Who are my patients?

My patients are generally seniors who place importance on their health and wellness. They understand the value of one on one personalized care. I work with individuals who want to achieve their goals and participate in their own healing process. I love to motivate people who want to improve their strength and/or balance, avoid falls and decrease pain. My clients usually want to avoid surgery or have had surgery and want to recover to even better than their pre-surgery abilities. I see patients who want to remain in their home and not move to assisted living. People I work with share my belief that just pills and drugs are not the way to achieve their highest level of physical health. 


Karma Rehab is an out of network concierge mobile all in one solution for your health transformation. I help people transform their life so they can be active, healthy and happy. I am so passionate to help motivated individuals achieve the best version of themselves. While I would love to help everyone, my schedule tends to be tight. It is equally important that you feel that working with me is the right fit for you. Click the button below and lets schedule a free call.  

Standard of Care

High quality personalized care. I help transform your health and help you live the life you want. 
Convenience. Its your schedule and your location. Its all about You!
I come to your home, gym, office or meet you where you want. You don't have to drive, find a ride, get stuck in traffic, sit in a crowded waiting area. Its all about You! 
Guaranteed Fixed Pricing